Ayola A Constructed Language Linking the Global Community
Let It Snow!

Hello all!

Today’s update includes a total of 8,962 entries within the Basic Word List, an increase of over 120 new entries since last month.

So far, we’ve kept up our momentum in extending Ayola’s vocabulary!

The updated Basic Word List, can be found here: The Basic Word List Page

How do you think we’ve done with our updates on the website so far this year? Let us know with comments or emails.

Image 100113043 courtesy of Feelart at freedigitalphotos.com

Image 100113043 courtesy of Feelart at freedigitalphotos.com

  1. Steve

    First, I’d like to congratulate your team on creating this constructed language.

    Considering that updates prior to the unveiling of the language (or, at least, what is considered the first official release of the language) were very infrequent, the updates for this year have been much more frequent and that is very reassuring.

    Having written all of that, I would like to make some recommendations:

    1). Website layout… I know of Ayola only because I follow constructed languages. If I were to suddenly stumble onto this website, though, I would not know what Ayola was instantly. There are hints on the front page that it is a constructed language but that is not clear. Ayola is your product and you need to emphasize that immediately.

    “Ayola – A Constructed Language Linking the Global Community” or “Ayola – A Constructed Language That Links the Global Community” or even something like “Ayola – A New Constructed Language Linking the Global Community.”

    There needs to be something at the top that gives the person who has never been to this site before the information they need: Ayola is a new constructed language.

    2). If I am stumbling onto your website for the first time, I see your product: Ayola, a constructed language. Now comes the initial question that crosses everyone’s mind – Why should I learn your language as opposed to any other (such as Espernato, Ido, Novial, Interlingua, Lingua Franca Nova, Klingon, Navi’i, some JRR Tolkien language, etc.)? What makes your language special? This is your product and you are the salesperson – Devote some of that critical top space on your website for giving me a reason to be interested. For example:

    “Ayola is a new constructed language that takes the best features of previously successful constructed languages and merges them into an easy-to-use, easy-to-master language.”


    “Ayola is a new constructed language based on Esperanto and Ido but designed and updated to eliminate the imperfections of those languages.”

    3). A Beginner’s Instruction Manual. I understand the need to release the full grammar of the language in a concise and scholarly manner. That release of information is a necessary step for the language to be evaluated by a certain segment of the linguist community.

    However, there needs to be an instruction manual for people who are not accomplished linguists. This is a concern not just for your language but for many, many constructed languages, some of which have been around for decades.

    If you can present to the public a colorful, simple but comprehensive instruction manual for your language, that would give your language a powerful advantage that a lot of other constructed languages can not boast about.

    4). Content, content, content – Your website is generating content in the Ayola language and that is good. However, I would recommend DAILY new content and especially content designed for beginners. Translate news articles into very simple sentences and give the English equivalent. Perhaps offer an intermediate version of those same news articles that features more advanced grammar to give the beginning learner an idea of what is to come.

    Those are my immediate thoughts. Again, I thank you for your language and for maintaining it.


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