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Hello Everyone,
With all the snowfall that Northeast has been having, we’ve been busy on working on some exciting projects within Ayola. So, here is just a quick update on what has been going on.
Justin is continuing to work on “Alice In Wonderland” and writing up concepts for the Grammar Book.
Nick is working his way through some of our older documents and is bulking up our Basic Word List (BWL) with his findings. He’s also filling in missing definitions in the BWL.
I’m plowing through an old document that lists translations of Linnaean terms for plants and animals. In that document, we’ve also found some other key concepts to how Ayola functions.
Sally has been hard at work with the professor in creating a more user-friendly version of the Grammar Book. This version will read more like languages textbooks. Topics and chapters have already been generated and they are working very hard at both writing this new book in Ayola complete with an English translation. We hope to have it be completed by early 2016.
Here is a link to the updated Basic Word List. We’re up to 10,142 words (an increase of 247) from our last update. We also have a lot more that are in the pipeline of being added in.

Image 10011885 courtesy of dan at freedigitalphotos.com

Image 10011885 courtesy of dan at freedigitalphotos.com


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